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Why Go For 3D Mammography?

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With breast cancer affecting many women today, it is great to have technology that will cut down the need for multiple tests that can save the woman a whole lot of angst about the potentially positive diagnosis.

The standard mammography does not give you an accurate diagnosis on a single procedure, and this is why women are asked to return for additional tests. This can be a terrifying experience for a patient since her thoughts will then be focused on the possibility of having breast cancer.

This anxious moment can now be avoided through 3D mammography which is an advanced tool that is approved by the FDA. Tumors will be detected immediately using this tool. When the machine sweeps in an arc over the woman’s breast, multiple angle images are seen. Read more about 3D Mammography from mammogram flemington nj. There is a sequential viewing of these images. Before, in 2D mammography, it is difficult to see a tumor since it can be camouflaged by overlapping breast tissues but with 3D mammography the images are very clear and tumors stand out.

Here are some of the benefits of undergoing 3D mammography.

With 3D mammography the impact of overlapping breast tissue is minimized. Tumors can easily be seen in 3D mammography. It is more helpful to find more cancers with this technology than the traditional 2D images.

If you do a 2D scan, you will not easily see small cancers since they can be hidden in overlapping tissues. Image slices can be analyzed one by one in 3D mammography. If you want to detect cancer early, the go for 3D mammography.

The breast tissues of younger women are dense. This can cause shadows due to overlapping tissues which hide tumors from 2D mammography. 3D mammography takes images of the breast from many different angels. This helps you look through and around the breast tissues.

You don’t have to suffer a false alarm if you undergo 3D mammography. To learn more about 3D Mammography, visit PINK Breast Center. Because of its improved accuracy in diagnosing abnormal structures as seen in a 3D view of the breast, the number of unnecessary callbacks to women for additional scans and biopsies is decreased.

IN a 3D mammogram, the amount of radiation experienced by women is very minimal. The dose, however, is below the FDA-regulated limit for mammography. There is no risk from this amount of radiation has been shown. The benefits of 3D mammography are greater than the potential risks.

After lung cancer, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women. You can have greater chances of surviving cancer if you detect it at an early stage. So even if you don’t see or feel any sign of cancer, go for a 3D mammography test so that you will have great peace of mind today.